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Corina Curves Review

Reviewed: 2003-11-07
Quick site rank and complete review of Corina Curves | Categories: Amateur, Mature, Solomodel, Tits

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bronze rank
Our Rating: 83/100

Quality of Content: 19/25

Purchase Value: 18/20

Leased/Own Content: 14/15

Update Frequency: 7/10

Content Variety: 9/10

Tour Promises/Reality: 5/5

Originality: 6/10

Navigation: 5/5

Images: yes

Live Shows / Chat: yes

Streaming Video: yes

Downloadable Video: yes

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Tour Promises

This site should be all about Corina herself, featuring many exclusive pics and videos. Bonus pics of her friends and live cams should be also available.

My Opinion About CorinaCurves

Corina Curves is a slutty amateur swinger woman and this site is all about her sexual life. Whether you find her hot or not, I leave up to you, but one thing is obvious, she has a massive rack :-) It's pure silicone, but who gives a fuck :-) So if you like women with literally huge tits, read on below.

Right after you enter the web home of Corina, you can read a short introduction and find a little bit about her and the way she runs her site. To give the site a personal touch, there is a big bio available, where you can find anything you need to know about Corina, be it her measures or hobbies. Basically the whole site navigation is pretty simple, so don't be afraid of being lost inside.

Enough about general features, let's move on a bit and let me check out the pics. There is about 30 000 exclusive pics of Corina available to the members. You can pick from several categories : boy-girl, girl-girl, solo pics, group parties, fetish pics and bloopers (funny style). All of these exclusive pics feature Corina herself, and based on the picture type, either some stud (mostly her boyfriend Dicky) or some of her lesbian swinger friends joins the action. One thing is pretty obvious, Corina is a very horny and kinky woman, she seems to be enjoying herself all the time.

But I have to bitch a bit about the picture quality, well not the quality itself (pictures are very sharp and clear) but the size... I mean, it's the year 2003 and 420*480 pics are not impressive anymore. At least 800*600 would be nice, but the biggest ones I found have been maximum 729*520 in size. However, the smaller size has it's advantages also, the pics load very fast and they fit nicely into the browser window, without having to scroll down like mad :-) So it's up to you to decide whether it's big enough for you, check out the samples on the right side to see for yourself.

How about some videos? Let me tell you what kind of "moving pictures" does Corina Curves have to offer. You can choose from downloadable and streaming videos. The downloadable section holds about 100 different clips, many of them over 10 minutes long. All is exclusive Corina stuff again, and the quality is pretty good. You can choose from a lot of hardcore action, masturbation or lesbian scenes.

The streaming section contains mostly archived webcam shows (with sound) that you can either stream or download. So basically all exclusive Corina videos are downlodable, which is fucking GREAT. I don't know about you, but I simply love to download videos :-) I have tried to download one of those archived live cam shows and it was a lot of fun to watch. The quality of these archived streams is not the best, but it's limited by the nature of this type of content, it's simply how it works these days.

If you would like to see Corina live, you have the chance to do so once a week. You can see her schedule right in the Show's section and in case she doesn't have a show scheduled, you can still enjoy shows performed by 250 other girls. You will get access to 2 big web cam networks (Sex Cam Central and Homegrown Cams) with plenty of action going on.

There are also some extras available to the members, let me mention for example some stories written by Corina or her fans, pictures of her friends, links to different leased video feeds, online magazines etc ... you know how it works, don't you? :-)

Final Verdict

So how should I sum it all up huh? Well, it's pretty easy, if you are attracted by Corina and would like to see more of her, you shouldn't miss this site. It's packed with her own exclusive content, both pictures and videos are in good quality and there are lot's of them.

Combined with frequent updates (at least 3 times a week), lot's of bonus stuff and low price of $19.95, this site is a sure winner with any fan of this slutty amateur woman. The only real negative was the small size of pictures, but if that is not a problem for you, grab that Credit Card and book your ticket to the heaven where Corina Curves will be your angel :-)

User Comments

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